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Natural Preferred


Natural Preferred® is a full mouth rehab in a day. Over the years, affordable dental developed an implant system that has changed the lives of millions of patients around the world. Today, patients understand that the Natural Preferred® Teeth Treatment is the preferred treatment. Natural Preferred is having natural looking teeth, regaining a beautiful smile and natural functional teeth. It’s a quick teeth restoration in an affordable way.


Natural Preferred® Implants is a one - bottom or top arch-piece - designed to hold the entire upper or lower teeth as One Natural band. This Natural Preferred procedure eliminates the possibility of any movement of the arch, since its one unit. It maximizes the overall strength of your new Natural looking teeth. It allows the natural function of your teeth, a Natural smile, and a youthful look.


Natural Preferred® allows the dentist to place implants where the quality of bone is good to hold the implant. A Natural Preferred® dentist can place as many implants that make sense. The attractive metal framework allows for early placement of crowns. The metal framework acts as a healing brace and provides strength for your implants during your healing phase.

Natural Preferred

Natural Preferred® is for anyone in the USA. The procedure includes all expenses. Frist trip -- x-ray and consultation. Second Trip -- Natural Preferred®. Arrive Thursday Night. Friday - Meeting with the dentist. Saturday - Procedure. Sunday- Visit the dentist and go home. 6 months later- Come for final crowns.

Natural Preferred®

Has Helped
Thousands Regain Their Oral Health, Stop Bad Breath, and Rebuild Their Low Self-Esteem. We Merged Supper Technology, Extended Studies, and Years of Expertise to create the Natural Preferred® Procedure. Call for your consultation today.

Many patients suffer from bad-fitting dentures, bad or missing teeth. Natural Preferred® is a revolutionary restoration for your upper or lower arch in just 24 hours.

Natural Preferred® is a custom milled chrome cobalt bridge that creates the base of your new teeth. It’s one whole masterpiece that attaches to your gums that is secure and provides a Natural look. Call us today and create the life you want for tomorrow. (305) 414-1966

The Natural Preferred® Effect.

It’s truly amazing. A healthy smile raises people confidence, changes their social standing, and improves their income.


If you have a thin or soft jawbone you may need bone grafting. Bone grafting builds your bone so the implant can be secured properly. Rebuilding will create a more solid base for the implant. An artificial bone can be used or your own bone. A Natural Preferred® dentist will determine the best procedure based on your circumstances.


Missing a tooth or a few teeth Can Lead to Self-Consciousness, Low Self-Esteem, and negatively affect your career. Having an Imperfect Smile Affects a Healthy Social Life. There Are Many Ways to Overcome That. Come in today for your Free Consultation.


We treat everyone in our diverse community equally. Our patients, their families, friends, and associates are treated with dignity and respect.


We keep the highest standards and professionalism. We believe personal responsibility and customer service builds the trust our patients want in a great dental clinic.


We treat our patients, their families, and co-workers with understanding and empathy.


Paya Dental Care is committed to maintaining your oral, emotional, and spiritual well-being.